Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The white ribbon

This is Michael Haneke's best film, I read.

I cannot say much about that since it's my first Haneke film, but I can tell you that "The White Ribbon" is one of those films that will stay in your mind for a long while. And it will make you think about it.

A powerful, violent picture of the hypocrisy that often lies behind puritanism and the perverse effects of an education which represses all instincts and desires. But also a story of relentless men. Of fathers, husbands and lovers enforcing the rules that best serve their purposes. And of how violence and abuse is perpetuated.

The story is told in pre 1st war Germany, so many have connected the children in the film to the holocaust generation. But I think this is actually a very narrowing interpretation. Maybe that helps to reinforce the idea and maybe it was even what the director had in mind but if you think, this story could have been told anywhere. And at any time.


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.anjo said...

Yes, it can be one of Haneke's best movies. But from this Austrian director must see movies I would put also: Seventh Continent and Funny Games (original in German). Much of the things on his films (except White Ribbon) I would say that only an austrian mind can come with the idea.

Haneke is for me the best director on psychologically violent movies.