Monday, 15 February 2010

A wish for a dishwashing machine

I remember almost losing conciousness as I was reaching 5800m just after Gilman's point. As I advanced, sleepwalking, all I wished for was a clear view of the summit.

I remember crossing the M'Goun gorges, my legs immersed in the cold water of the M'Goun river. After a long day walking, all I wished for was my sleeping bag and a starry sky.

I remember sleeping under a tree, in the middle of the Sahara desert (yes, a tree!). I could see the heat waves distorting the landscape as I lifted my head from my mattress. All I wished for was a soft breeze.

I remember sitting above Kumbu glacier, at about 5200m. My head aching with the altitude, my hands freezing with the glacial wind. All I wished for was to stay there a bit longer.

Now I am standing here, in front of this pile of dirty dishes, and all I can wish for is a bloody dishwashing machine...


la fée verte said...

Ahhh the pain of everyday life ;)

But sounds like you have had some great experiences!!!

For me it's rather, I remember spending another day at work, and all I could wish for was to be traveling. ;))

But soon, soon...

Telemaco said...

ahaha, great.
our context makes our wishes :-)