Tuesday, 11 August 2009

two minutes ago

That was two minutes ago.

Now I really see things differently. Let me tell you

- I need to tell you -

that there's no present.

The present time is no time until we're past it. The moment doesn't exist until it's behind us.

Eternal is a nice word but that was before we learnt ephemeral. Grasping the moment is losing the moment. The present is no more.

It's a relativistic question: nothing travels faster than light, so when we think the present (thought being transmitted by electrical impulses), it has already become the past.

I guess this explains my leaning towards nostalgia.

Or it might just be the whole "fado" thing that is taking the best out of me...

But anyway, Einstein is a much nicer scapegoat.

(text by O Coxo)

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