Monday, 20 July 2009

Urban Map

A very nice, small and short guide for restaurants, bars, shops, museums and art galleries in Geneva.

Apparently it has been around for a while. I found it the other day in Cabinet by chance.

(Actually the true story is a bit longer: I was having a drink at Cabinet, wasting some time before meeting some friends in a restaurant, when I noticed I was isolated in the middle of the room. I soon started to feel uncomfortable, standing there all by myself, holding my drink. The feeling increased enormously after the drink was finished. So, there I was, wandering what do you do with my hands - should I put them in my pockets ? maybe cross the arms ? or just let them hang along the body ? - when I saw these leaflets at a corner and thought: "here's my chance !". And I ran for it. It actually turned out to be a very good move because I brought home a bunch of ideas about interesting things to do in Geneva during the summer...)

Anyway, here is the website version of this Urban Map.

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.anjo said...

How do you think I discovered the brunch place "Fleurs de Marie"? It was with this leaflet couple years ago.

Another very nice way to discover Geneva is by doing the "Geneve a Pied" available in the municipal tourism point in the bridge (whatever name bridge, I'm forgetting Geneva toponomy).