Thursday, 26 February 2015

Good ol' Charlie Brown

Some years ago in a second hand english books sale in Geneva that I found by chance while wondering around in Paquis, I bought three comic books from the Peanuts. The Peanuts were not always consensual amongst comics lovers and there is an annoying tendency to compare it with Calvin and Hobbes as if you had to choose one and throw the other. I met Charlie Brown and the Peanuts a long time ago but only later I was able to fully appreciate Charles M. Schulz's humour. From Charlie Brown's anxieties and fears to Lucy's grumpiness and Linus' naivety, it is difficult not to empathize with the characters. But I understand the ambivalence towards Charlie Brown, he is not easy to love. As one of the characters said in one of Peanuts' first strips:
'here comes good old Charlie Brown, 
yes indeed good old Charlie Brown, here he comes... 
Good old Charlie Brown... 
- How I hate him!'

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