Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Slumberland II

Morning arrives with audacity. Anguish and light, spilling with disdain over anonymous objects. Dreams fading so quickly that I forget to write them down again. I stare at the notebook and try some words:

"morning arrives with audacity"

and I forget the rest.

I decide to follow my shadow back into the night, hoping that uncounciousness will feed my pen. To my surprise, darkness is a blaze. It could be the moon or just open shutters.
I reach my notebook and write, believing that I am actually writing on my notebook:

"morning arrives with audacity"

I don't seem to be getting too far so I open my eyes. There are two moons in the sky. Could be two bulbs on a ceiling but I swear it is two moons. One of them tells me there is no such thing as two moons. I don't believe her because moons cannot be trusted. I reach for my notebook and write:

"never trust a moon you have never seen before"

and then morning arrives.

with audacity.

(text by O Coxo)


Telemaco said...

grande "ir e voltar" aos sonhos!
escreveste quando acordaste na neve?

nuno said...

muito bom faz-me lembrar isto: