Friday, 1 August 2008

La petite pause café

ou bien les vacances...

Actually I have been on "blog hollidays" since beginning of July. Things are quite busy at CERN these days (we're getting things set for Doomsday, as some apocalyptical visionaries are saying), so I have been spending more and more time underground, where coffee machines are a rare item.

Plus, it is summer. At least that is what my calendar says although I still need some better proof than a couple of sunny days ending in diluvial rains.

Maybe it is just the fact that I have been living like a mole for the last few weeks and the sunlight starts to feel discomfortable, but I am learning to enjoy this feeling of increasing intimacy with darkness.

Even the rain that just started to fall outside (again) comes as a relief.

Anyway, I will be back during September. I will still be writing as if someone is reading. But that doesn't really matter. My only purpose now is to get through the summer without too much light.
I have a sensitive skin.

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