Monday, 25 August 2008

La Bâtie

The summer is over. In reality it never came.

Meanwhile, Artamis celebrated its last days giving the illusion of a different Geneva for one night. Now only Usine resists to this kind of "cultural cleansing" initiated last year.

I should have guessed that the city of the bankers and the oil magnats wouldn't tolerate for much longer the alternative cultural mouvement that was living hidden underneath its skin, with its centre in the squats around Plainpalais. It was time to bring things back in track, keeping culture in its usual cages, formated to please the masses.

Rhyno, Artamis, Alhambra, Scala (saved at the last minute, but for how long?), all are symptoms of this intolerance.

True, there are still festivals like "La Bâtie" to make us stay around a bit more. This year Manitoba (Palladium) is even more the centre of the festival with events every night and it promises to help Artamis to say goodbye to this summer in style. Then it also offers a wide range of theatre, dance and music events. Check out yourself in:

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