Sunday, 28 August 2011

antes da aurora

"By Chance"--that is the most ancient nobility of the world, and this I restored to all things: I delivered them from their bondage under Purpose. This freedom and heavenly cheer I have placed over all things like an azure bell when I taught that over them and through them no "eternal will" wills. This prankish folly I have put in the place of that will when I taught: "In everything one thing is impossible: rationality."

"Por acaso" - é a mais antiga nobreza do mundo, e eu restituí-a a todas as coisas, libertei-as da servidão da finalidade.
Como uma abóbada azul, pus sobre todas coisas essa liberdade, essa serenidade celeste, no dia em que ensinei que por cima delas e por elas não há "vontade eterna" que possa agir.
Pus no lugar dessa vontade o capricho e a loucura, no dia em que ensinei que " em todas as coisas o que é impossível é que elas sejam racionais".

(Zaratustra in "Also sprach Zaratustra", Nietzsche)

Friday, 19 August 2011

The pools...

Natural hot pools in Landmannalaugar, Iceland. The water can be as hot as 43C ! You can imagine the feeling when we got into the water after 4 days of hiking with outside temperatures well below 10C...

lava meets lake - iceland

Photo taken at about 30min hiking distance from Landmannalaugar.

crater lake - iceland

Amazing colours in this lake inside a crater, 2h hike from Landmannalaugar.


Volcanic landscape, just arriving to Landmannalaugar - Iceland.

Landmannalaugar - Iceland

Coulourful landscape on the third day of our trek to Landmannalaugar.

land of water - Thórsmörk

A wrong turn somewhere resulted in two extra hours adding to our six hour long hike. However it also rewarded us with this maginicent view of the Thórsmörk valley.

Thórsmörk valley - Iceland

Arriving to our campsite in Thórsmörk valley, Iceland after a 8 hike from Skógar.