Friday, 4 December 2009


When I first read that Udaipur was one of the most romantic cities of India I confess I was a bit skeptical. In a country such as India, it's difficult to believe in romanticism. India is certainly not a Bollywood film. Poverty, overpopulation, lack of infrastructure, these are known problems in India and they are in large scale. When traveling in India out of the big cities (and even there) it's difficult to picture India as an emerging economy. Anyway, this doesn't mean that India doesn't have some romantic places. It does, as you saw in my previous posts. But as a whole one has to say that the Indian cities we visited were overcrowded, noisy and dirty. That's where Udaipur surprised me, where only Varanasi had done before. I leave you with the pictures.

View of the Havelis (palacial houses) and city palace by the lakeside.

The city palace seen from the opposite side of the lake.

A view from the Ghats in the morning, with the Lake Palace at a distance.

The beautiful Lake Palace at sunset. The picture was taken from a boat around 17h30.

A final picture from the sunset on the lake.

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la fée verte said...

Beautiful and romantic indeed!!
Thanks for sharing your trip in pictures! I hope that you and Vania are having as nice a time as it seems! It really makes me want to leave to travel now!! :)