Sunday, 19 April 2009

Cada Homem é uma Raça

From this tuesday in Theatre de la Parfumerie, Geneva.

A play based on a book (short stories) from Mia Couto from 1990. Mia Couto, is a Mozambican writer whose first novel "Terra Sonâmbula" has been considered one of the best African books of the 20th century.

He is actually one of the writers that gives me more pleasure in reading. He is a real story teller, one that re-invents the words and plays with their meaning giving them a sensuality that makes them alive. From what I have read from him I would tend to say that his writing can only be fully appreciated in portuguese, so I am really curious to see how a theatre adaptation in french will result.

Anyway, for those that have never read his books, this is perhaps a good opportunity to start.

Inquirido sobre a sua raça, respondeu:
— A minha raça sou eu, João Passarinheiro.
Convidado a explicar-se, acrescentou:
— Minha raça sou eu mesmo.
A pessoa é uma humanidade individual.
Cada homem é uma raça, senhor polícia.

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